“The power of Soul can never be extinguished”

There’s still a misconception that the only authentic Soul music came from Detroit, Memphis and Muscle Shoals. But since that heyday in the 1960s, it’s been proven repeatedly that Soul music can be made anywhere, and at any time, so long as the artist is able to lay themselves bare and tell their story…

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The Band

Queen M

Neo soul mixed with vintage Motown and Reggae influences.

Marcia Hubbs – Vocals
Craig Smith – Lead Guitar
Kyle Dreany – Bass

Queen M new line up
Queen M

The Music

“When Craig suggested that we write an original song together, he told me to write about what I knew…

Craig and I got together a few days later and we sculpted those words into what is now Colour Of Her Skin. Craig put some fabulous music to it and here we are”.


New Single

High Road

Queen M takes the High Road at the rocky end of a relationship that offers some hard-earned life lessons.

Evolution Of Queen M

“It’s about reclaiming yourself, finding courage and strength. It is about finding what truly makes you happy.”



The debut single

Colour Of Her Skin

“Freedom has its conditions in the land of the northern lights.”





In The Face of Racism, a Love Story

If my parents had not stood up to racism almost 60 years ago, I would not exist…

My mother emigrated from Jamaica in the 1950s. She had come from a life of privilege, well educated and untouched by prejudice. In the early 1960s, when she was ready to buy her first new home, she met my father, George Hubbs, who was the real estate agent for the builder and possibly the whitest man in Canada.

My mother chose a home to purchase and signed a full-price offer. My father presented the offer to the builder, telling him the buyer was a well-qualified Jamaican nurse. The builder told my father that he would not sell to a Person of Colour, Black, Jamaican … you get the picture.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. My father, outraged, went back to my mother and told her exactly what the builder had said. My mother decided to take the builder to the Human Rights Commission, and my father testified for her. She got her house. He got fired from the building site, losing his job. They started dating, got married, and in 1965, I was born.

This wasn’t my mother’s first challenge finding housing as a Black woman in Canada. Before buying her home, many an apartment that was available when she phoned was suddenly gone when she got to the door. However, I grew up oblivious to any of this. My mother didn’t tell me anything about the racism she’d encountered until I was in my 20s and able to handle it. I grew up hearing only that I had “the best of both worlds.”


Read the full article published in On The Bay Magazine Fall 2021


Upcoming Events

We will play together again soon, stay safe.


MAY 2024

Queen M gigs for May 2024, Collingwood Blues Tailgate Celebration, we look forward to seeing you!

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